This is a pretty sweet project. its scaffolding on a building in Paris. looks cool though.


plasma studio

here's a sweet firm that i found on archinect and which has some awesome work. i just randomly selected one that i'm trying to rip off right now. its a hotel called the Cristall Hotel.



too much time....

not having studio or really anything productive to do really isn't good...

here's a rather "racey" picture which I've entitled "Frank Gehry gives Rem Koolhaas a Golden Shower". Please don't be offended, but rather look at it in a conceptual light. Aren't we all, through our constant formal search for the "cool" or the "pleasant" just giving theorists a metaphorical "golden shower"?


rotondi house.
no cd's for this thing. they just started building. kinda cool.

back from l.a.

back from l.a.
this is a funny image of a fire extinguisher from the salk institute.



Late late late tonight, I leave for LA.
Twill be quite fun I'm sure.
rides and marshmallows and all that jazz.
but seriously, I have a feeling it will just be me, lots of architecture kids, some alcohol, and way too much to do in too little time.
we have tours of (in order of my excitement):
Morphosis (Thom Mayne)
Roto (Michael Rotondi)
NMDA(Neil Denari)
SciArc(Hernan and those guys...)
Frank Gehry Tech
Frank Gehry Office
Graft Lab

randall stout


i'm not sure how to feel about this guy. like the form and stuff, but just don't get the space.... maybe too generic?

chatanooga-holmberg bridge

Bunde Fire Station

Melittabad Aquatics Center

these are from a dude whose exhibition i randomly walked in on in London. pretty sweet graphics.

some cool bikes



final review was friday... went pretty well. got some good feedback and my project prompted a debate among the reviewers which i guess is good.
reviewers were:
Michael Speaks
Julia Smyth-Pinney
Peyman Jahed
Jason Scroggin
Mike Jacobs
Hillary Bryon
David Biagi

Kind of intimidating... never had so many reviewers on a single jury.