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jeez i hate fashion design.....

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Who did this?

so while surfing the Archinect image gallery in the Student section, I case across this project... Liked it quite a bit....
Jordan did you do this? Looks a hell of a lot like your graphic design/ color selection/ style of camera dolly render... Only reason i ask is cause it was in the middle of like 40 images from Drura's graduate studio (all crazy blobs/ hernan-ish)so i didn't know if it got snuck in somehow...
Still a nice project...


And my day just got a little better. The Hood Internet has just been added to the already amazing bonnaroo lineup and play pretty much every night... My schedule so far is this:

6:45- White Rabbits
7:15- Murs**
9:00- The Hood Internet
11:15- Passion Pit**

1:30- The Dirty Projectors
2:45- Animal Collective***
4:45- Yeah Yeah Yeahs/ Santigold
5:00- Grizzly Bear***
6:45- TV on the Radio***
8:30- Beastie Boys**
8:45- David Byrne***
11:30- Phoenix*
12:30 Public Enemy***
12:45- Crystal Castles*
2:15- Girl Talk***

1:30- Heartless Bastards
3:30- Bon Iver*****
5:00- Jenny Lewis**
5:15- Of Montreal*
6:00- Wilco***
7:00- The Decemberists
7:15- The Mars Volta*****
9:00- Bruce Springsteen
1:00- Yeasayer
2:15- MGMT

1:30- Ted Leo & Pharmacists
1:45- Dillinger Escape Plan****
3:15- High On Fire
3:30- Erykah Badu**
4:30- Okkervil River***
6:00- Snoop Dogg
6:30- Band of Horses**
6:45- Neko Case

*indicates level of importance to see

NNDB- Connection Mapper

This is pretty cool... Played around with it for a while. Successfully connected Hitler to Christina Applegate/ Chevy Chase/ etc etc. Strange thing is I had to go through the Democratic Party to do it... Tried doing it through Bush but the connections die.


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pelican city

Dangermouse, the dude in Gnarls Barkley/ Gorrilaz, had this band way back in the 90s called Pelican City. Here's a remix they did of Neutral Milk Hotel's song "The Fool".

The Fool Pelican City Remix - Neutral Milk Hotel


rashida jones : peggy lipton

so i was talking to someone about this girl earlier so i wanted to know what her name is. anyways.. she's the girl from the office/ parks and recreation. and surprise surprise i find out her mom is/ was hot too. her mom, peggy lipton, was on the mod squad way back when. freaking sweet.

i'm too tired to be writing anything...

rashida jones:

peggy jones:


oh competitions.......

while i'm busy with this damn medical center comp., here's a crappy competition i found randomly. some pretty uninspired/ boring projects from the "top design schools in north america" (though that is a ridiculous statement to make... they just took all the ivys and a few state schools like cincy, ut-austin, penn state, and all the louisiana schools).

and here i was thinking shigeru ban's design for the make it right mamma jammy was boring.

for future references, just rip off some trey trahan.

i wish i could do this....... damn not having maya/ skill.
this is a project by Magnus Larsson, a student at the AA. some sort of landscape project in the sahara.
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