boston performing arts center... contd

So here's some more images of the project...
not gonna upload plans or sections... apparently according to one critic they were an excercise in creating the ugliest possible drawings imaginable. bit harsh, but there ya go.


third semester core final

So last week I had my final review for this project... A bit dissapointed all around. The review itself was a little tough and was extremely anti-climatic. Semester ended with a fizzle.... Somehow I feel a bit screwed reviewer-wise.
Here's some model photos.


Feel my Data!

Here's a small snippet of our entry into the Visualization Marathon 2010 sponsored by Seed Magazine, GE, and the MoMa at the Eyebeam in New York. The Harvard team consisted of Judy Fulton, Wes Thomas, Lauren Kim, and myself. Our topic was to confront the impact of energy on the planet in some way... We chose to disseminate it and create a physical artifact that could be easily understood and interacted with by a child. The child creates a projected 3d model of various aspects of energy consumption, population, and carbon emission in arious parts of the world.

This is the website we created for it: http://www.feelmydata.net




boston performing arts center. thing was designed/conceptualized/produced in less than a week with only one desk crit...


digital project test animation thing

yeah... trying to learn this catia stuff. this is totally not intuitive... pardon the crappy quality... blogger kinda has strict requirements on file size...


Urban SOS competition entry

This was a failed entry into Aecom's Urban SOS competition... Ah well. Need to stop doing these failed competitions....

ZNA- Harbin Jinbei Schematics

ZNA- Harbin Jinbei late concept