Working on the Studio Works exhibition right now... Very hard to design a space for other designer's work in a design school... noone's gonna be happy.... Trying to do something more designed and less simply an exhibition of work. I'm thinking something that espouses not only the school's particular pedagogy and process of work, but also on a projected view towards what curation of contemporary artifacts could be (ie, something beyond a jewel box or pedestal position).
Here are a few of the precedents I'm looking at... I need more though:
CCA- [FLUX]- Andrew Kudless

Harvard GSD- New Trajectories: Convergent Flux Korea- MASS Studies

Harvard GSD- Motion Matters Exhibition- UN Studio


gettin' a little tired....

Come on Danny... Even your photographers are getting bored...

From this article... Dresden Military History Museum is the exact same thing as the Royal Ontario Museum....

ETB Studio

So... ETB Studio just won a competition for a Multifunctional Center in Sappada, Italy. It is a Venice based firm with principals matteo bandiera and alessandro tessari. I really like their rendering/ diagram/ model aesthetics... Everything is very different but it all works very well together. The projects themselves are quite subtle and nice, though they do rely highly on their graphic sensibilities. Very beautiful and painterly... I wonder if the contexts are really that dramatically awesome... Here are some of their projects:
Multifunctional Center

Archaelogical Center, Punta Umbria, Spain

Haciendas de las Flores, Villafrancos de las Barros, Spain

Multigenerational Building, Gend, Switzerland



[ULAR]:Singapore Pavilions

Here are some finished photos of the project I did this summer for the Singapore University of Technology and Design with Thomas Schroepfer. Special thanks to the design team: Dan Weissman- Conceptual Design/ Grasshopper Guru, Sun Koh, Mike Burton, Bea Camacho, and Drew Cowdrey- firefighters and drawing helpers.

Also, I need a more interesting name for this thing than "Singapore Pavilions"... Something that will pop and will read well in portfolios...

Client: Singapore University of Technology and Design
Registered Architect: Thomas Schroepfer
Project Architect: Conway Pedron
Design Architect: Conway Pedron, Dan Weissman
Design Team: Mike Burton, Bea Camacho, Drew Cowdrey, Sun Koh, Azadeh Omidfar


Pavilions featured on Singapore News. More to come.