some of the reasons I like som over the other corporte offices:
ARB Bank Headquarters Building

schloss velden

irish glass bottle site


congratulations mr. gehry. this isn't half bad.



New(er) Crush

That's right. It's been a while. Lykke Li... You'll have to move aside now. Jessica Lea Mayfield may not be quite as cute, but her music is soulful and fits the bywater perfectly without being mocking (damn you Fleet Foxes).
Kinda similar to a more country version of Rilo Kiley with Lucero-esque guitar work.




I am officially sick of the hipster mullet.

There I said it.

Hipster mullets are the freaking nastiest shit I've ever seen. Just look at this:

Seriously? Its like a hank of laziness/ inability to see the back of your own head while giving yourself that gay "George Harrison in the early days" haircut in your parents bathroom using the same scissors you just used to trim your pubic hair into a perfect likeness of Brian Eno. Its not hip. Its not cool. Its not Euro or whatever the hell you think. Its nasty and should die. Quit trying to be ironic.