platform exhibition 2009

here are some images from the gsd platform exhibition (sample work from the past year... apparently its not the best and scott cohen was kinda dissapointed in the picks but eh whatever).


Discretized Surface Tessellation

So yeah... Just finished my Projective Geometries project... I tried my hand at scripting and wrote two scripts that created two surfaces, one based on applying the secant method or quad panelization to a diagrid pattern on a doubly curved surface and the other a folded plate method on a doubly curved surface with varying degrees of thickness corresponding to the curvature of the base surface. I failed in getting the two to mesh together and create a seam sort of thing along the edges (think a pita pocket type edge). I did manage to get them to meet at the corners. I need to start with a point array rather than a uv surface next time....


top albums of the decade

so i'm bored waiting for renders... saw a bunch of top albums of the decade so i decided to compile my own list for the heck of it. these aren't like the "bes albums" or "most influential"... just what i've been into consistently:
20. Deerhoof- Milk Man 2004
19. Bane- The Note 2005
18. Modest Mouse- The Moon and Antarctica 2000
17. Wilco- Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 2002
16. Death from Above 1979 2004
15. Man Man- Six Demon Bag 2006
14. Dillinger Escape Plan- Miss Machine 2001
13. Animal Collective- Here Comes the Indian ?
12. Breather Resist- Charmer 2005
11. The Shins- Oh, Inverted World 2001
10. Modern Life is War- My Love. My Way 2003
9. Daft Punk- Discovery 2001
8. Bright Eyes- Fevers and Mirrors 2000
7. Black Keys- Thickfreakness 2003
6. Aesop Rock - Labor Days 2001
5. Wolf Parade- My Apologies to the Queen Mary
4. Against Me!- Reinventing Axl Rose
3. Lucero- Nobody's Darling 2005
2. At the Drive In- Relationship of Command- 2000
1. mewithoutYou- Catch for Us the Foxes. 2004


Final Review Animation

Here is the final animation for the lock building project... Review went extremely well although I wasn't entirely satisfied with the final form... I had to scale it back dramatically from the mid review because I didn't have control over it... That was the main issue the jury had with the project. According to Mack Scoggin "When you start to lose control over your project, let it." In contrast Diane Lewis said "Understanding when you lose control shows a huge amount of maturity.".... If this was a longer project, i'd def. try to figure out a more complex geometric arrangement and formal analysis based on the logic of the shifting part based lofted surface... The one thing everyone on the review liked was that it was such a dramatic spatial manipulation (ie Spatial form to flat plane).


Elizabethtown Downtown Master Plan/ Study

So I realized that I hadn't posted this project, just snippets of the individual architecture. This is an urban master plan of sorts for the city of Elizabethtown that I did for my Senior Honors Thesis at the University of Kentucky. These images are just snippets from the original presentation which is exhibited at UK in the Fall of 2009.


mid review images

sooo... here are some selected images from my mid review. review didn't go as well as i would have liked... i apparently have a scale problem and an issue with control. ehhhh.....



This album is coming out in a couple weeks. Anyone want to buy me a birthday present?


Week 1 pinup animation

Please forgive the roughness of this thing... It was not only the first moving animation i've ever done, but also the first time I've used maya or 3d max (the first few are done in max and the last couple in maya). i really need to work on maya lighting... i got the hdri mapping down in max (for the most part) but the maya stuff is just rough.... that said, this is just concept stuff. i havn't merged the site and form yet and when i do, it will leave the primitive world of the cube/ lofted cube axial rotation and make something more complex based on the movement over and under the lock.

and also... the music screwed up.. damnit.


paisajes emergentes

so i know the render style i'm gonna try to imitate next time.... i've posted on this firm once before but i was reminded about them cause they are lecturing here tonight.


plan from without project

here are some models of our project called the "plan from without". we were given a super obscure concept or project description then had to make a model of it for the review. on the review we were only allowed to show the model and it was critiqued on its ability to show the concept...


kengo kuma

sooo this dude is lecturing. most of his stuff is absolutely beautiful, but while going through his webpage, i came across this piece of crap. probably the worst building ever. ever.

his other stuff isn't as bad...



Solar Decathlon Follow Up

So yeah... SD is going on now and I do not envy those people one bit. Seems like a lot of work....
Here is the complete UK house. Looks pretty awesome at night but kinda really boring and overly technical during the day. Basically my only contribution to this thing was the kitchen... Seems like they really only changed my lighting scheme in the kitchen. Currently they are 13th out of 20th with the technical competitions out of the way and the Architecture, Engineering and Market Viability ones still to go... So we'll see... I have a feeling it was a hard fight across the board.


Lodged House

In this assignment I had to put a house in a 7 foot wide plot between two houses with crazy huge overhangs on their roofs. i didn't want to touch them or really even deal with them too much except to contradict them... so yeah... here tis.


first review work

by far some of the worst stuff i've ever produced in my life. please forgive this... I was literally given no time for production and had to restart the project a day and a half before it was due. it really is terrible...
the project consisted of placing an elevator is a Loosian building which did not want to be an elevator building. My solution, after a force line based analysis of the building and its complexities, was to reprogram it to be an auditorium/ concert hall which retaining the existing circulation and overall character and experience of the building... so yeah...

*edit* apparently even blogspot thinks this stuff sucks and won't post most of it. imagine two axons, a section, and the plans being more complex and less edited down to nothing... i have no idea how blogger deletes stuff from my drawings but it does.