World Maps (Along Came Jones Edit) - Daft Punk VS Yeah Yeah Yeahs

one of the best mashups i've heard in a while
daft punk+yeahyeahyeahs


Of Montreal + MGMT

Havn't listened to this yet. In class... Just putting it here so i will listen later

OfMontreal/ MGMT- Smells like Teen Spirit


Vote soon. You should have already registered. If not: You're a dumb piece of crap and I hate you.

Here's who i'm voting for:

*edited for drunken blogging*

This article depresses me on many levels.
One: because I agree with it completely. Too many architects are develping "eco-bling" to stick to their buildings instead of doing something basic and significant. Its more what looks "cool" or "sexy" first with pv attached to it to make it "green" than what it actually efficient.
Two: Because I feel that dubai is rather ineffiecient. i mean seriously... who builds these "american" towers in the desert...
Three: Because I hate the fact people still havn't taken notice of the fact that Mayne's buildings are very very efficient (Leed platinum for Caltran?). Zaha should bow her head in shame. Mayne backs his stuff up and is still modest about his "starchitect" status. He deserves what he has and is very unpretentious about it.
Four: SOM wasn't selected for the mile high tower? seriously? who the heck has better experience, resources, and outside connections to do that.... They were already working on it and had it worked out.... come on..... Could be so much prettier than that ugly developer render.

Overally. Fuck Dubai. Those guys don't know shit

Also, on another note. if anyone has that Discovery Channel thing "Impossible City" recorded, let me know. Bob has a rendering in that video from his work at Reiser+Umemoto


split house

a project proposal i'm working on right now... i had another rendering, but its messing up and so i'll post it later. it actually makes this thing look cool....

its a small solar house that would be built for the solar decathlon on the national mall in october 2009. it'll probably change alot and look nothing like this though