skyscraper thing i did

So this was supposed to be for the Evolo Skyscraper Competition but I didn't get it out in time... Don't think its quite complex enough anyways.... But yeah... Its a tower in downtown boston that yet another university could move into. Exhaustive i know...



"Hi. This is my thesis project. I need a double bypass now."

SO IL for P.S.1 win.

SO-IL PS1 Pole Dance from SO-IL on Vimeo.

Not sure what it is exactly... balls on top of netting on top of poles so that everything moves together? Still super playful and nonsensical. I really didn't care who won so long as BIG didn't... Those guys get enough press as is....


museum of tolerance

I'm kinda glad this thing isn't getting built... freaking ugly as heck. Maybe the creators will take a page out of South Park's book and design it with these elements in it.



Kinda cool genetic algorithmic form manipulation device... Not sure how it works but I'm trying to create something similar in Rhinoscript using point attractors and randomizers.



This song just begs to be put in a really crappy corporate animation.... Still like the song.... The video makes me feel crazy fat and out of shape. Eh oh well. Back to this EZ Cheese can and South Park episode watching for me...... Man my life is interesting.