hood internet-broken social scene/ r. kelly

funniest song i've heard today.
watched these guys a few weeks ago at their record release party at sonoteque. pretty good, but i was exhausted and had work the next day so i didn't stay long. just heard this song on imeem though and thought it was funny:

the hood internet-Broken Social Scene vs. R. Kelly (I'm a Flirt)


sat through a lecture on this the other day.... one of the partners at my firm talked for an hour and a half on the first design competition that SOM did with SANAA for the world trade center site. most of the projects presented were pretty terrible or at least underthought or overly narrative or something (granted i doubt very much i could have done any better or ever will.... ) but there was one image shown that i liked alot simply cause i hate it's alternative soooo much.

This is the SOM train terminal design. huge area that feels delightfully preston scott cohen with a dash of pure som simplicity and "down-to-earthness".
Compare this to first THINK group's (Shigeru Ban, Rafael Vinoly, Frederic Schwartz, Ken Smith) Boring....

doesn't really inspire any imagination or anything...

then there is this monstrosity. jeez i hate this guy so much.

man, i am so pessimistic.


good song. perfect for my weird-ish/ very very bywater mood.

The Avett Brothers - Murder In The City


Death of an Emo

This is too good....


Russians waging war on Emo's. I can only imagine first an escalation of spending at Hot Topic, followed by a veritable arms race of Equal Vision and Drive Thru Record bands followed by a full scale "missile crisis" of sorts involving eye makeup and cries of "daddy doesn't love me".


New DragonForce

DragonForce released a new song off their upcoming album yesterday. Absolutely intense. I've listened to it multiple times now and every time I feel more and more epic.
DragonForce- Heroes of Our Time



Turns out the US olympic running team will be the only decent team we've got. Lagat (formerly of Kenya) just became a citizen and secured a 5k and 10k spot.

I'm also super impressed by some of the younger talent... Bobby Curtis (St. X in louisville's own) got 6th in trials. Will only get better. Just look at these times. Nice tight pack. Good competition, but still far off the records.
1 Bernard Lagat Nike 13:27.47
2 Matt Tegenkamp Nike 13:29.68
3 Ian Dobson adidas 13:29.76
4 Bolota Asmerom Oregon TC Elite 13:31.24
5 Chris Solinsky Nike 13:32.17
6 Robert Curtis Reebok 13:35.00
7 Stephen Pifer Colorado 13:37.46
8 Matthew Gabrielson Reebok 13:38.06
9 Brent Vaughn Nike 13:39.15
10 Thomas Morgan ZAP Fitness 13:47.76
11 Kyle King ZAP Fitness 13:51.03
12 Ryan Vail Oklahoma State 13:54.77
13 Jonathon Riley Nike 13:57.58

Looking forward to it