cutest hipster crush of all time

Beatrice Martin

yeah..... thanks cody for sending me this. gives me goals.
i have no clue how old this girl is, so if she is under 18 (which i seriously doubt) then i apologize....
beautiful voice/ music as well as being cute as all hell.

Here's a link to her myspace music page.

Anyone up for moving to Quebec?


smiljan radic

so i've been looking at stuff going on in the "third world" alot lately, particularly south america.
i saw this in architectural digest today.... pretty awesome project from a chilean architect (yeah... his name is croatian but his immigrated there before he was born or something like that).


a chastisement of that which i've become

alright. fuck hipsterdom.

sunk into this rut of imitation without meaning, a wasteful and consumerist approach to fashion, i've become that which i've always hated: the hipster.

from my skinny jeans to striped shirts, i have managed to combine by middle school trends into this vapid, meaningless hodge podge of societal vomit.

though i've never really fit into those crowds, often feeling ostracized for my inability to completely deny myself as well as my clear judgemental nature of the epitomy of what i used to despise.

these are things which i reject:
hipster keffiyeh- if you don't understand what it means and aren't well read on the tragedy in palestine, don't be so damn offensively cliche.

the hipster fedora: don't know what to really say about this....

the super deep v-neck- just nasty. patchy chest hair is just pathetic. being a frequent v-neck wearer, i still find deep v's nasty... if its deep enough to potentially get a man nip slip, its too nasty

excessive beads- jesus christ... i detest devendra barnhart enough for his music much less this picture....

the hipster vest- "i think vests are all about protection: the life vest protects you from drowning, the bullet proof vest protects you from getting shot, and the [hipster] vest protects you from pretty girls.

the hipster mullet- ew. just ew.


More folding

Morphosis does it again....
at Cooper Union's campus

So as much as I like this project, aren't all these getting to look very similar? I mean... just look at all these:

san francisco federal building

los angeles cal tran

plus there are countless rip offs from other firms:

American Folk Art Museum- Tod Williams and Billie Tsien

condos in santa monica- Pugh+Scarpa

I still freaking love folding facades.... freaking awesome looking.


new libeskind tower.... got to admit. i like it compared to his other towers:



Next up for auction...........

You can now buy architecture on ebay........
William Massie's American House 08 which has been exhibited at Cranbrook and other places, is now in an auction on Ebay. Currently it is going for 480,000 dollars and the reserve hasn't even been met.... If you want it, you can buy it for 750,000 dollars.

Ebay Auction

William Massie Architects


So Dan Auerbach is kind of intense... Solo stuff= eh... and the Black Keys are awesome. He's also got a label type thing going. Here's one of the bands on it. I kinda dig. Happy blues one might say. Kind of like those nights you have when you feel you should be sad but you're fighting it off with High Life and episodes of some funny tv show but you know by the end of the song, you'll just switch it to something slower eventually.

Hacienda "She's Got a Hold on Me" from REVELATOR on Vimeo.