Elizabethtown Downtown Master Plan/ Study

So I realized that I hadn't posted this project, just snippets of the individual architecture. This is an urban master plan of sorts for the city of Elizabethtown that I did for my Senior Honors Thesis at the University of Kentucky. These images are just snippets from the original presentation which is exhibited at UK in the Fall of 2009.


mid review images

sooo... here are some selected images from my mid review. review didn't go as well as i would have liked... i apparently have a scale problem and an issue with control. ehhhh.....



This album is coming out in a couple weeks. Anyone want to buy me a birthday present?


Week 1 pinup animation

Please forgive the roughness of this thing... It was not only the first moving animation i've ever done, but also the first time I've used maya or 3d max (the first few are done in max and the last couple in maya). i really need to work on maya lighting... i got the hdri mapping down in max (for the most part) but the maya stuff is just rough.... that said, this is just concept stuff. i havn't merged the site and form yet and when i do, it will leave the primitive world of the cube/ lofted cube axial rotation and make something more complex based on the movement over and under the lock.

and also... the music screwed up.. damnit.


paisajes emergentes

so i know the render style i'm gonna try to imitate next time.... i've posted on this firm once before but i was reminded about them cause they are lecturing here tonight.


plan from without project

here are some models of our project called the "plan from without". we were given a super obscure concept or project description then had to make a model of it for the review. on the review we were only allowed to show the model and it was critiqued on its ability to show the concept...