tall tower

jeez.... plans are under way for a tower that is more than a mile tall.
originally planned by Hyder Consulting from england, designed by Omrania from Saudi Arabia, and engineered by arup from england, the entire thing is managed by the us's bechtel.
insane project....
the next tallest tower in the world is only half this height. its like four empire state buildings stacked on top of each other


first year flashback

working for review on friday
here's a picture of a house from first year


francois roche

i'm surprised its taken me so long to look at this guy.... i'm kind of a francophile, but this guy defies what i'm used to, but its still pretty sweet.

this is a project for a parking lot/ outdoor exhibition space.

according to roche the project has three aspects:
"1) Asphalt Drop on the site
2) Twisting the black surface of the car park to integrate indoor/outdoor rooms (cellar and facilities)
3) Visitors are tempted to drive or walk up the slope as a way to handle their own disequilibrium. "


so.... i was reflecting on the fact that i did little to nothing this weekend. so... in honor of this great accomplishment, i'd like to present you with my five top weekends muses. nothing like a countdown to kill time eh?

5. The 80's

The music and clothes have distracted me multiple times this weekend at bars and driven me to (gasp) dance...

4. Adobe Flash

I have spent so much time playing around with this program and surprisingly getting very little done. Its amazing to see stuff whirl about and spin out of control. makes me feel special that i can make stuff do this. I got one animation done though but its pretty pitiful.

3. Bureau V

I'm pretty excited about their lecture coming up.... plus tell me these aren't some of the most attractive people/ architects ever.... and talented to boot

2. Females

Need I say more?
and yes, i know this is the cast from one of those mtv shows (can't remember which one) but I'm just using it as an example of hot girls that would never in a million years be interested in me.

1. PBR

Yes.... I believe this has kept me incapacitated (or at least played a major role). PBR=enemy of architecture, friend of architect.


black keys

so uh, the Black Keys have a new album coming out soon produced by Danger Mouse.
they are also doing a collaboration with rod stewart.
they are also going on tour soon. anyone up for a road trip april 13 to indianapolis?


knoa stuff

here's some stuff from fall 07 studio in New Orleans
critic was Mike McKay
project was for a large park/ concert area with pavilions
here's a couple images of a pavilion and a farmer's market

you can also see the botched knoa website here
it has more images of the project, though therein lies the "botched". the images don't really say much and there are two projects shown as if they were a single project....

door competition

here's one of the stupidest things i ever did (bar none)
its part of this amweld door design competition.
i did it simply cause all the doors that have won in the past are very boring and conventional
nurb pulling extravaganza with no real limit

ratatat covers bjork

check out this song. i'm not the biggest fan of bjork, but ratatat is one of my hipster guilty pleasures

MP3: Bjork - Wanderlust (Ratatat remix)

taken from yanp

new blog

new blog=new day
here's something i'm working on right now