this song is pretty awful... still kind of amazing to get this together:

TI ft. Kanye, Jay Z, Lil' Wayne, M.I.A.- Swagger Like Us

It's amazing to get such huge egos together on one track.

I want that voice thing that TI and Weezy use.


My Morning Jacket with erykah badu


Mixing My Morning Jacket and some really really chill soul. yes.

there's an mp3 of it here too.


why uffie.


Here's a firm I randomly found... Based in Dubai, so some of it is what you'd expect, but alot of the stuff is pretty good. plus they get stuff built, which impresses me.

This is some public shading device thingy they did. I didn't quite understand the diagrams they used to describe the logistics but I really like these images...
for the record, the diagrams kind of show some sort of Vs. relationship between a cartesian grid and some blobby thing nurb thing.

The second is a showroom in Dubai. i like the interior stuff


Lollapalooza update

Cause I know I'll be busy the rest of the week and i'm wide awake (at 430...)

Lolla so far:

Best friday:
1. The Black Keys- not surprising in any way. nonstop play with flawless control and perfectly amazing stagemanship. got me so excited for playing in the fall.
2. Radiohead- Gotta admit, wasn't a Radiohead fan at all before but now I respect the heck out of them and can actually stand Yorke's voice now cause I know its spine tingling power. Fireworks + amazing light show + insane stage setup (architecture amazing!) + Fake Plastic Trees + no expectations = me shaking a little from the mere awesomeness of the moment. only mewithoutYou and lucero have ever done that to me before now.
3. Grizzly Bear- One of my greatest regrets I didn't stay around for more than 3-4 songs (don't wanna talk about it...)
4. CSS- Pretty amazing stage setup + more changing (in a very sexy way) than Of Montreal
5. The Cool Kids- Left CSS early for this, but I don't really regret it. Damn good set and it was in the shade.

Best Saturday:
1. Wilco- First time I've seen them sober. Amazing. Gave me so many ideas for the fall
2. innerpartysystem- I'll post about them after this, but no idea who they were before. amazing though. it's like thursday+ratatat+minus the bear. I could easily see them touring with mwY or something
3. Spank Rock- Damn these guys are good showmen. plus there was a girl dancing next to us pretty much topless.... little strange, but still kind of funny
4. Broken Social Scene- one of the biggest regrets of the day.... Angel wanted to go see lupe so after maybe two songs we headed out. BSS were awesome though for that short time.
5. MGMT- Good solid set seen from across the field (was standing waiting for Brand New). Wished I had stood closer but it was absolutely packed there....

1. Brand New- Seriously? Guys, quit taking yourself so seriously. You will never be Radiohead so give it up and go back to being emo again.
2. Uffie- Girl: dye your hair back and we'll talk.
3. Stephen Malkmus- so bored i had to walk out....
4. Bloc Party- was expecting better.... everyone jocks them so hard...
5. Rage Against the Machine- Knew it'd be terrible and they proved me right once again.

1. Girl Talk
2. Nine Inch Nails
3. Kanye
4. The National
5. The Whigs
6. Alot of not being at the fest cause the lineup isn't the greatest tomorrow....