kengo kuma

sooo this dude is lecturing. most of his stuff is absolutely beautiful, but while going through his webpage, i came across this piece of crap. probably the worst building ever. ever.

his other stuff isn't as bad...



Solar Decathlon Follow Up

So yeah... SD is going on now and I do not envy those people one bit. Seems like a lot of work....
Here is the complete UK house. Looks pretty awesome at night but kinda really boring and overly technical during the day. Basically my only contribution to this thing was the kitchen... Seems like they really only changed my lighting scheme in the kitchen. Currently they are 13th out of 20th with the technical competitions out of the way and the Architecture, Engineering and Market Viability ones still to go... So we'll see... I have a feeling it was a hard fight across the board.


Lodged House

In this assignment I had to put a house in a 7 foot wide plot between two houses with crazy huge overhangs on their roofs. i didn't want to touch them or really even deal with them too much except to contradict them... so yeah... here tis.