first review work

by far some of the worst stuff i've ever produced in my life. please forgive this... I was literally given no time for production and had to restart the project a day and a half before it was due. it really is terrible...
the project consisted of placing an elevator is a Loosian building which did not want to be an elevator building. My solution, after a force line based analysis of the building and its complexities, was to reprogram it to be an auditorium/ concert hall which retaining the existing circulation and overall character and experience of the building... so yeah...

*edit* apparently even blogspot thinks this stuff sucks and won't post most of it. imagine two axons, a section, and the plans being more complex and less edited down to nothing... i have no idea how blogger deletes stuff from my drawings but it does.


another sweet morphosis

and this one isn't a faceted metal facade...

4 Towers in 1 competition entry. apparently steven holl won the competition with this:

cool belly i guess. no idea why there's a waterfall... kinda stupid massing