So Lollapalloza just announced their schedule. Headliners are exactly as I thought... Here's my schedule.
+Means I intend to be very drunk
* Means I am going to this cause I know there will be hot girls, not the music

12:15 Black Lips (BudLight)
1:15 Rogue Wave (Myspace)
4:00 The Black Keys (BudLight) +
5:15 Cat Power (Playstation) *
5:45 Grizzly Bear (Citi) +
6:30 The Raconteurs (BudLight)
7:00 ???? Options are The Cool Kids, CSS, Stephen Malkmus ??????
8:00 Radiohead (ATT)

12:15 Margot and the Nuclear SoSo (Myspace)
12:45 De Nova Dahl (Bud Light) *
3:00 Steel Train (BMI)
3:30 MGMT (Myspace)
4:30 ??????? Brand New or Explosions in the Sky??????
5:30 Okkervil River
6:30 ??????? Broken Social Scene, Uffie or Lupe Fiasco?????????
7:30 Sharon Jones and Dap Kings
8:30 Wilco (Bud Light)

12:15 Kid Sister (Myspace) *
1:15 ?????? The Weakerthans or the Whigs???????
2:15 Brazilian Girls (ATT)*
3:30 Black Kids (Citi)
4:15 Iron and Wine (Bud Light)
5:15 Flogging Molly (Playstation)+++
6:15 Gnarls Barkley (ATT)+*
7:00 Girl Talk (Citi) *+
7:30 The National (Playstation)
8:15 Nine Inch Nails (Bud Light)

I'm skipping Kanye cause I don't like his new crap. I'm skipping Rage cause I've seen them and I hate the fan base.

Sunday I may not show up until like 4:15... I don't care about any of those other bands really.

I'm really not sure what to do about the Brand New/ Explosions conunderum. I like Explosions alot now, but I used to really like Brand New and had never seen them....

The Broken Social Scene/Uffie/ Lupe Fiasco thing too is driving me crazy cause they all seem like they'd be fun. I guess it depends on what I'm feeling at the time: hot hipster girls, my latest hipster crush, or hot sorority girls. I don't know BSS too well, but they seem pretty good. Not sure what their live show would be like. Lupe would probably be the best show. Rap tends to do that. Uffie though is soooo cute and I may not ever have another chance to rufie her (seriously. i'm kidding. i'm too cheap to buy ruffies).

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