This is by far one of the worst things I think i've ever seen. Seriously? This thing is a national icon and some new york based company is going to consider painting it silver to "help give more LEED points". You know what? Fuck LEED. Fuck Willis. Fuck shiny skyscrapers. The black of the Sears Tower and the Hancock Building are beautiful. Take a cue from the nastiness that is the Trump Tower: Shiny silver looks awful.
I already regretted the renaming of the Sears Tower. I mean hell, what if we randomly decided to change the name of the Statue of Liberty to the Statue of Equality or something? New Yorkers would be in an uprage. Don't change a national monument and a historic landmark!!! There are other ways to aquire LEED than by making a building ugly! I find it interesting too that the company doesn't hire SOM to do this either... It's their building... They know more about it than anyone. MISTAKE!


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