[ULAR]:Singapore Pavilions

Here are some finished photos of the project I did this summer for the Singapore University of Technology and Design with Thomas Schroepfer. Special thanks to the design team: Dan Weissman- Conceptual Design/ Grasshopper Guru, Sun Koh, Mike Burton, Bea Camacho, and Drew Cowdrey- firefighters and drawing helpers.

Also, I need a more interesting name for this thing than "Singapore Pavilions"... Something that will pop and will read well in portfolios...

Client: Singapore University of Technology and Design
Registered Architect: Thomas Schroepfer
Project Architect: Conway Pedron
Design Architect: Conway Pedron, Dan Weissman
Design Team: Mike Burton, Bea Camacho, Drew Cowdrey, Sun Koh, Azadeh Omidfar

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up_today_arch said...

looks wonderful! congr!