Yaohua Wang

This dude's been like everywhere lately... Really blowing up... I really like his Latent City proposal and his City of Factory proposal, and I find his graphics intriguing, it seems the latest stuff he's been doing is almost a bit overdone (though he does it incredibly well)... Hyper rationalized machines for housing are cool and all, but I don't see the amount of intellectual rigor in them that I see in the urban schemes... They seem "cooler" and have a great deal more technical skills embedded in them but not smarter... Still... This guy is going places and I can see this stuff really starting to influence what I do in the future.

Latent City by Yaohua Wang from Foral on Vimeo.

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J.H. said...

whoa...calm down,manlove. didn't this guy just get his BARCH?....hold off for at least one built house.