Turns out the US olympic running team will be the only decent team we've got. Lagat (formerly of Kenya) just became a citizen and secured a 5k and 10k spot.

I'm also super impressed by some of the younger talent... Bobby Curtis (St. X in louisville's own) got 6th in trials. Will only get better. Just look at these times. Nice tight pack. Good competition, but still far off the records.
1 Bernard Lagat Nike 13:27.47
2 Matt Tegenkamp Nike 13:29.68
3 Ian Dobson adidas 13:29.76
4 Bolota Asmerom Oregon TC Elite 13:31.24
5 Chris Solinsky Nike 13:32.17
6 Robert Curtis Reebok 13:35.00
7 Stephen Pifer Colorado 13:37.46
8 Matthew Gabrielson Reebok 13:38.06
9 Brent Vaughn Nike 13:39.15
10 Thomas Morgan ZAP Fitness 13:47.76
11 Kyle King ZAP Fitness 13:51.03
12 Ryan Vail Oklahoma State 13:54.77
13 Jonathon Riley Nike 13:57.58

Looking forward to it

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