Suck on this Freud

A few years ago I read a book called On Dreams by Sigmund Freud and this just made me think....
I just woke up from a nap where i had a short, but very strange nap full of a weird dream. It may be pretty easy to read into it.

A bunch of people went to studio at the normal time, which in this case happened to be at 9 at night. We were all sitting around like we do, not doing much studio stuff talking about stupid stuff. All of a sudden I randomly am given a guitar and start twiddling around on it very badly, once again, like I do. A few people are watching and whatnot and it passes the time. My prof. tells us to go out to the hall for a break from work. We all go out to the hall. I start playing guitar when all of a sudden, the kids on the "good studio" down the hall walk out of their studio complete with a full bluegrass band and start playing Man of Constant Sorrows from the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. Everyone in both studios start dancing and drinking and cavorting about. Then all of a sudden the band finishes and everyone in the other studio immediately sobers up and goes back to work. My studio mills about a bit while I play something, but its not professional stuff so noone is really into it. They lose interest and end up leaving studio and going elsewhere..... I'm left alone staring into the other studio's window wanting to be in there working. Then I woke up and now Man of Constant Sorrows is stuck in my head.

There were a few guest appearances, but I won't mention those. There were no names in the dream but all the studio people were real people in studio and in the band the only one I knew was the violinist. The professor was kind of similar to another professor i've had, but more spry.

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