Bike Permits

bike permits are being enforced at UK in the future. Although I plan on not being here to experience it, as an Alumn of Kentucky, I feel this is an insult to the students and indicative of the typical apathetic way in which UK treats their students. Rather than viewing the student body as potential minds that could lead the State into the future and out of obscurity, it continues to insult them through taxation of such simple things as bike permits. Car permits are one thing: it takes alot of land/ area to have parking lots for cars. Bikes on the other hand are not. In fact, UK already has a terribly small numbers of bike racks and paths on its campus. But rather than allowing students the right to ride their bikes to class and thus avoid the large price of gas/ parking permits, UK has decided to enact a 15 dollar fine for having their bikes on campus. UK has managed also to get around the immediate outcry that should be happening by promising to "grandfather" current students into the permit. This would mean that they can enact it without a hitch and when students come to school in the future, they are immediately slapped with a fine without their consent/ prior knowledge. I believe we owe it to future generations of students to fight to overturn this proposal, although if history has proven anything, UK will not do anything to help or assist students in any way if it is proven not cost effective. UK is first and foremost a business, why else would they hire Lee Todd, a GE businessman, to be the president rather than an academic and a phD? This university has insulted students far too many times. But I guess students here enjoy being outnumbered by police officers, bullied by a city which doesn't like them, and taxed for every conceivable commodity, or else, why isn't anything being done?

Can you imagine the embarrassment of moving to a new job outside the state (because god knows UK doens't set us up for jobs here) with this piece of crap stuck to your bike?

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