Blob Architecture?

Even Greg Lynn is forced to rethink his theory when confronted with the task of actually building something.... Interesting..... I like this design though.


Compare that to these conceptual houses:

Embryological House

Hydrogen House

Greg Lynn House


Anonymous said...

i still don't have to like it. even though it's built. why you ask? a matter of taste. an equally valid argument as any other. and equally as pointless.

i like the popping out of the dry wall though, i don't know how'd you make that happen.

andrew pedron said...

i don't know if there was an argument in either statement. simply observations either way. no ones forcing you to like it.

it looks like those drywall pops are stud reinforced plaster moulds. i don't like the furniture, but that living room light fixture is pretty sweet though. the exterior is nice and subtle too.

Anonymous said...

maybe. i guess there was no argument, however i expected more color. but it's good to see him building with program. the back looks nice with a little fillet action going on. and much more subtle than i thought i would be. as if the budget probably wasn't that large since the expression is in furniture for the most part.

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