first installment

I'm starting a new thing which could basically be a thesis in a way.

I've always noticed that somehow evil villain bases in cartoons portray a certain amount of architectural merit, whereas the bases of the "good guys" typically embody a neoclassical or rather office building ascthetic. For example:
Hall of Justice: Base of the Super Friends (Superman, Batman, Seaman, etc etc)

vs. the Legion of Doom, their nemesis.

Argue as you will on the ascthetics of these two, but I believe the Legion of Doom have more going for them than the Super Friends. For one, the place is so different that anything normal or seen at the time of its inception. Today, architects are starting to create similar building types and curved, glossy surfaces. For another, the context is extremely different, and would be more to contemporary architect's liking than the traditional urban park context shown in the Hall of Justice.

More to come later.

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