So i'm avoiding working and studying. Sounds like a good enough reason for a list. Subject: Bands I'm psyched to see at lollapalooza.

1. The Black Keys- easy one. my latest jock thanks to jordan
2. Grizzly Bear- hipster joy and love
3. Wilco- maybe i'll be sober enough to actually pay attention to them this time.....
4. Nine Inch Nails- Oh nostalgia
5. Radiohead- not really my jive, but hey, i'll see what the hype's about. maybe thom will lose his voice?
6. Brand New- i'll be so reliving my high school emo days. girls pants+fake black rim glasses hear i come
7. Raconteurs- love me some jack white, even in this blah incarnation
8. Flogging Molly- can you blame me? i'm irish and love to drink.
9. Stephen Malkmus/ jicks- love this stuff. bit leery about how they will be live, but whatever
10. Girl Talk- there's always some hot hipster girls to dance with when girl talk is in town

Least excited:
1. Rage against the machine- been there, done that, hate the fan base. *woohoo seether and hinder*.
2. The National- Saw these guys at Pitchfork. soooo boring. good to fall asleep to though, but not a live band at all.
3. Mason Jennings- enough said
4. Kanye West- used to like this guy. way to screw up a perfectly good daft punk song jerk
5. Brand New- suck a love/ hate relationship with these guys. for one, very nostalgic (thus the previous list). for another, hate the fanbase....

most interesting names:
1. Does it offend you, yeah?- seriously, such a great band name. i can literally imagine what they'd sound like.
2. Margot and the Nuclear So and So's- did you know there is no margot in this band? they are named after that girl from the royal tenenbaums
3. Flogging Molly- love it. flogging just isn't a word you hear very often
4. What made milwaukee famous- i hope the answer to this is PBR
5. Ha Ha Tanka- Wouldn't it be cruel to name a kid after a sound you make while laughing?
6. Noah and the Whale- memories of sunday school......
7. Cat Power- she croons drunkenly, but the name still makes me think of a cat dressed like superman flying around.
8. Blues Traveler- strangely, not what you'd expect.....
9. CSS- Cansei de Ser Sexy. enough said.
10. The Kills- so simple. so pretentious. so british.

least excited is much shorter. the rest of the lineup is pretty awesome or i have no idea who they are and am too lazy to check it out right now.