new graft= same old crap

this is one of the worst buildings i've seen in a while. seriously, do these guys ever do anything new or even think about what they do? I mean, seirously, how much of posers are these people. After having visiting this firm, I lost alot of respect for their work and alot for their drinking abilities.

According to the architects:
"Our belief was that no clear typology for a church, mosque or theatre should dominate the shape of the building, but that it should be present at the same time to create an entirely new typology. In the end, the formal language of the building communicated different religious and ‘scene-o-graphic’ typologies in its shape, without being literal. A diamond-shaped crystal ‘envelope’ was developed from three different geometric prefigures that fuse into one another. "

Sounds like utter bullsh-t to me. I don't see a church when i see this. I see another glass piece of crap.... diamond shaped crystal envelope developed from what? eh? And "entirely new typology?" Give me a break.
Alright, and now lets look at some precedents they probably looked at by some other "starchitects."

daniel libeskind's imperial war museum.

I gotta say this for Graft though.... their renderings and drawings have dramatically increased in quality. They almost seem like a real firm though.
No offense Michael... I just hate this crap

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