axis mundi

saw another project by this firm on bldblog.
seems like a more interesting version of harvard trained/ dwell worshipping for the most part, but here's a project that i thought was actually kind of interesting.

Its an archetypal house designed in the traditional colonial manner native to the Catskills area. Its exterior cladding is entirely glass and mirror in order to reflect the surrounding natural mountainous environment. Of course they don't say what happens to the heat inside when the sun hits it..... The inside is supposed to be bright and cheery or some crap like that cause they say colonial houses in the area are normally dark and depressing. Of course, I find the darkness of those houses particularly interesting and cave-like in its coziness. Reflects many of the people in the area, private and kind of smallish. So, begs the question: does the archtiecture shape the person or attitude of the area. anyways, i think the interior is just a plea to get themselves published in dwell.

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