you know the stage between passing out and getting home drunk? its extremely sad and lonely. especially when you know there are at least 1,000 people having fun less than one mile from you..... pathetic really. I will pass it listening to this band I saw today and will see again tommorow:

yes. I don't care if you think they sound like they are 50 year old smokers or that they are alcoholics since all they sing about is whiskey..... they are still one of the only decent country/ southern rock bands around. they have been one of my recent fav. top fives in the past few months along with mewithoutYou, Black Keys, Two Gallants, and Against Me! (circa 2001).

so yeah. enjoy this band. or i will hunt you down and force you to drink pbr or whiskey with me until you like them. i will enjoy that.

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