because i'm bored

I bust on hipsters all the time, but I don't specify why or what they are. Truth is, I'm jealous... I don't have enough money to buy AA or Urban Outfitters or any of that other stuff and I think I've outgrown the whole "thrift store" thing. Some of the music can be good sometimes. Some of it can be awful.

A hipster is someone who:
-Wears clothing that is often more expensive than the jocks and frat boys they often deem as materialistic and douchey. (200 dollar shoes, 100 dollar jeans, 50 dollar v-neck tshirts that expose way too much scrawny chest and scraggly chest hair, etc)
- Listens to "Jams", not music. Those jams also have to be pre-approved by their peers and the blogs. Pitchfork is god here (even though many hipsters don't even know what it is....).
-Ironic music (New Kids on the Block, Usher, bad hip hop, etc.) makes hipsters feel better about themselves
-Layers are good.
-Fixed gears are the jam
- Big sunglasses, especially ones that call attention to their ridiculousness, are jive
- You have a single token republican friend
- You drink at the crappiest bars, mostly to be ironic, but partially because you're embarrassed of your upper middle class upbringing.
- If this offends you, you might want to consider yourself a hipster and me a douche.